Who is Pellagra?

Pellagra Points At You!
Photo by Chanse Gierbolini – Pellagra from left to right: Michael Grund – Drums, Rene Rosa – Vocals/Guitar, Lisa Toniolo – Bass

Pellagra causes delusions or mental confusion, diarrhea, weakness, loss of appetite, pain in the abdomen, inflamed mucous membranes, and scaly skin sores, but the band sounds pretty good. Yeah, it’s a nasty disease, and very well may be the origin of zombies in the legends and lore of pirates and other riders of the sea. 

The legends of monsters, old and new, are part of what makes the band Pellagra who they are. Whether it’s the Kraken, Godzilla or other mythological creatures, there is just something great about those legends and monsters that make for great stories, songs and everything else you can imagine.

Pellagra started with Rene Rosa (vocals/guitar) and Michael Grund (drums) jamming in a basement and eventually realizing that the monstrous sound they were coming up with needed a 3rd. In came Lisa Toniolo (bass) and the lineup was now complete. With some doom metal, punk, grunge and even surf guitar mixed in, there is no telling where Pellagra’s sound will go next, but no matter what it will always be the monster sound of Jersey City, New Jersey.